Writing, Production, Directing, Photography

I am Alexis, a versatile visual storyteller who had the privilege of working as a documentary cameraman and photographer for all three installments of the Deep Climate scientific expeditions in 2023. From my role as an artistic logistician to my journeys in Alaska, my involvement in feline conservation in South Africa and Bolivia, and my management of audiovisual production, my experiences weave together a mosaic of unique adventures.

As a photographer and independent filmmaker for the past five years, I guide projects at the intersection of documentary and fiction. Following impactful experiences in Alaska, I brought to life audiovisual installations that blend documentary and artistic creation. My recent works include directing a music video, creating digital advertisements, producing a series of documentary photos, and orchestrating a live session for a musical group. My photographic work has been recognized twice in Lensculture's editorial choices.

Currently, I am dedicated to crafting my first 52-minute documentary in collaboration with Bonobo Production. It's an exciting step in my artistic journey.


Piaraq, Jacqueline Darmigny, Paris, France

Piaraq, Art by Friends Gallery , Annecy, France


PIARAQ: Entre juin et août 2018, nous sommes partis sur la côte Est de l'île Kodiak en Alaska pour vivre avec une famille de pêcheurs et suivre la saison du saumon rouge. Nous avons voulu faire de cette aventure un récit vivant en explorant la photographie,l'écritureetmaintenantlepodcast.Ces trois épisodes mêlent des lectures de notre livre Welcome to Paradise et des récits, bribes de mémoires, avec des enregistrements sonores.

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